Hey folks!


This space is intended to remind us how powerful kindness can be. A space that makes us think: “How can I do something nice for somebody else?”

How much of our daily conversation is spent praising somebody else? How much of it is spent drawing attention to the good in the people we associate with every day? If we took a second to step back, we’d probably have to admit that the answer is minimal… in fact most words exchanged are spent doing exactly the opposite. When we speak about others, it all too often focuses on the ugliness. So much so that gossip and backbiting can be attributed with the sparking of a whole branch of the entertainment industry. The worst part is that these negative words and ugly perceptions come with awful consequences even if we don’t take time to recognize it.

The purpose of this forum is not to discuss gossip or backbiting, but to eliminate it altogether.

Here, we only speak kindly, lovingly, praisingly and upliftingly about others.

Share recent stories , poems that brighten your mood, videos that you can’t help but smile about. Or just post a simple, thoughtful quote – basically ANYTHING that uplifts our hearts.